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    Hello everybody,

    like some of you might already know, since Opendreambox 2.0 there are problems updating boxes online which only have 64MB flash and the browser preinstalled (dm800se & dm500hd).
    To solve this problem, ALL Dreamboxes with Opendreambox 2.0 got new update feeds.

    For the DM800, DM7020HD and the DM8000 just two updates in a row have to be done.
    The first update will just replace the feed configuration, the second update will then use the new feed. Further on the updates will work like they did before.

    Unfortunately, for the DM800se and the DM500HD, an update by hand is inevitable.
    There are two possibilties to update the feeds (until up to 2-3 MB free flash storage, a pure online update should work; for savety reasons, please backup all your valuable data and settings (e.g. via Softwaremanager)) beforehand.
    If you want to assure the online update to succeed, deinstall the browser before starting the update and do a reinstall afterwards (only in case the update was successful, of course).

    First possibility is obvious:

    Get the new imgae from today and reflash the box. All settings will be lost and have to be restored from your backup.

    Second posibility is:

    Start a console (aka. telnet or ssh) as user root and execute the following commands within the console.
    Commands are sourrounded by "". Do not enter this "" or the comments before this "".


    1. "init 5"
    2. New feed config installation via following commands:
    * for dm800se: "opkg install"
    * for dm500hd: "opkg install"
    3. "opkg update"
    4. "opkg --force-maintainer upgrade"
    Please follow the guide point by point; if you forget the "init 5" or the "--force-maintainer" during the upgrade, the upgrade will definitely fail and you have to flash the box with a fresh image.

    We tested this procedure several times and could always get the small boxes to the current version without flashing a new image. Nevertheless, we can not guarantee that it will work on every box. Please be aware that you might be forced to flash the box with a new image although you followed the guide point by point.

    Thank you very much for your understanding and have fun with the latest images.

    P.S.: In the future (read: with the new feed), the small boxes will stop enigma2 automatically during an update and a small tool will handle the procedure of updating and will start the box if necessary.

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    Απ: Dreambox-News

    καλά κρασιά .....

    ρε Vu+ original και πάλι Vu+

    με image Satdreamgr αν θέλεις σωστό EPG και προεπιλογές Ελληνικής γλώσσας

    ή Vti και Black Hole

    και οι τιμές τους η ημέρα με την νύχτα

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