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Thread: Enigma2 updates OE 2.6

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    Enigma2 updates OE 2.6

    [OE2.6] Update enigma2 : 4.5.1r10

    - Fix ZDF HbbTV(send key release after key press event)
    - Increase retries for http based streams to 50 for increased streaming robustness (for ts and gst services)
    - Update default skins (thx to zombi)
    - MediaDB: fix segfaults when numeric database fields are 0 (like size or length)
    - Cleanup and Update IR Code Database, Add JVC (Devices are identical codes are now merged into single entries per vendor)
    - Reenable Frontprocessor Update checks
    - Fix a situation where DFU Updating hangs without any ability of quitting the screen
    - Fix broken aspect ratio on svg images when loading them with ePicload

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    Απ: Enigma2 updates OE 2.6

    New update: 5.0.0r2

    New update: 24.04.2023
    -Update kernel to 4.9.269 (based on the android12 kernel for amlgoic S9xx)..
    -Update drivers..
    -HbbTV plugin 1.7: fix hbbtv for Pro7/Sat1..
    -Add enigma2-plugin-extensions-youtube - a chromium based youtube frontend using googles "TV" frontend -If it get's stuck for you you can kill it on the console by issuing killall -9 dreamium..
    -Volume control doesn't work sometimes (this is alsa realted)..
    -With the new machine "dreambox" you can built a single image for all amlogic based dreamboxes (one, two, seven and everthing that's about to come)..
    Enigma2 5.0.0r2:
    -PIP support..
    -We now render everything using Open GL ES..
    -Add Default WQHD skin by zombi..
    -Some information for skinners -Technically, skins can now have up to UHD resolution (3840x2160) but we highly recommend not going beond WQHD (2560x1440)..
    -WQHD skins do perform better than FHD did without GL rendering (usually pretty much around 50 to 60 fps)..
    -Software rendered skin features like corner radius and gradients are now also created using opengl and have almost no impact on performance..
    -You can apply cornerRadius to pixmaps and listbox selections..
    -Text is now rendered using a new font renderer (based on modified versions of nanovg/fontstash/stb_truetype)-ellipsizing (appending ...) of single line text is now supported..
    -we did our best to make this as backwards compatible as possible, but text rendering DOES have slightyl different results with this..
    -The ScrollLabel has been fully rewritten to use all the fancy new features, which simplified it's code a lot and makes it perform better..
    -Tons of rendering performance improvments (there's still enough left to improve)..
    -PIG fixes..
    -eServiceStream was almost completely rewritten..
    -There have been massive changes in the enigma2 core dvb handling in prepration for future hardware..
    -eRCInputEventDriver: fix input devices being ignored on lock/unlock because of a devicemap key collsion.

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