• Improvements on Helptext messages
  • Show True/False as graphical switch
  • Updated languages translations
  • AVSwitchVideoHardware – Add support for ‘full’ aspect ratio mode
  • Option Relevant PIDs routing
  • HDMI Colorimetry selectable (at Menu, Setup, System, Audio / Video, A/V settings)

Other improvements:

  • Flashimage support
  • Plugins updates
  • Drivers updates
  • FFMpeg update 3.4.2 and aarch64 support
  • Flashimage code simplified
  • Autobackup
  • Autotimer version 4.4
  • Picons (SNP and SRP format) are back in the feed
  • CCcam 2.3.2, and CCcam support for ARM based receivers
  • PLi-Full HD cosmetic improvements
  • Fallback remote receiver setup (at Menu, Setup, Service searching). Beware: If to select Import from remote receiver URL, all channel settings are replaced from remote receiver



  • VU+ Solo 4k DiSEqC fix
  • VU+ Solo 4k QuadPIP
  • Added missing Firmware for RTL8192EU
  • Added missing BRCM7439
  • Finally new drivers for the ET4x00/5×00/6×00/8000/9×00/10000