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Thread: Experimental SatDreamGr Images et8x00

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    Experimental SatDreamGr Images et8x00

    Experimental SatDreamGr Images et8x00

    Experimental SatDreamGr Images et8x00


    GStreamer 1.6.1

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    Απ: Experimental SatDreamGr Images et8x00

    Experimental SatDreamGr Images Et8X00 2015-12-22

    Αλλαγές Satdreamgr

    Βελτιώσεις στο Satdreamgr-HD-TranspBA

    -Αναβάθμιση image μέσα από το Enigma: Μενού -> Εγκατάσταση -> Διαχείριση λογισμικού -> Ενημέρωση λογισμικού .-

    New images Experimental SatDreamGr 2015-12-22

    Satdreamgr Changes

    1. Improvements at Satdreamgr-HD-TranspBA

    -Update from Enigma: Menu -> Install -> Software Management -> Update Software .-


    Enigma2 Changelog:
    ae7f6ae NimManager: make sure that summary_stack has items before pop
    a132116 Update Norwegian Bokmal translations, by andy1.
    eaf12d0 Update for the French translations, by Pr2.
    7e34d2e Revert "Unpause gst after media settings are known."
    a558048 Revert "DVB-S sat config: set default nothing connected"
    921903f add missing code 'and'
    8d943fd SubservicesQuickzap: update code
    9892991 InfoBarSubserviceSelection: update code
    e629bf1 Satfinder: set DVB-S tuner config value 'nothing' if list sat for this tuner empty
    fe6804e Updated Turkish translation, thnx asiBenlik
    c4c9240 alsa: fix build, missing library
    65df3da actionmap: Implement key translations
    cc068ca actionmap: cosmetics/debugs
    f9ce7df Avoid crash in servicescan on boxes without LCD device
    0237136 build configure options to select framebuffer and lcd device
    0687506 enable alsa support through build time configure
    acb168c NimManager: Add class name in print messages to aid when debugging
    3f984f2 NimManager: Remove dm7025 powerThreshold check
    92d1588 NimManager: delete duplicate import of boundFunction
    c45160e NimSelection: use slot_name from NIM class to get slot name
    70745df DVB-S sat config: set default nothing connected
    a65974f update ru.po
    1eac326 MovieBrowserConfiguration: add missing setTitle()
    6a39996 SatelliteEquipmentControl: update plugin
    347ac69 Converter ClientSstreaming: add three query modes.
    5b490f9 Converter ClientSstreaming: a few small/trivial/cosmetic changes.
    272a923 Converter ClientSstreaming: remove kludgy ipv4-in-ipv6 address replacement.
    5c46609 Converter ClientSstreaming: remove cryptic/unnecessary unicode character replacement.
    b6460f4 Converter ClientSstreaming: fix small/trivial cosmetic typo.
    bd12f73 eServerSocket: trivial cosmetic.
    4121149 eServerSocket: fix remote client's address being garbage when we're on a dualstack host.
    OE-Core Changelog:
    d89f1cf GStreamer: Update to 1.6.2
    0ad66c1 meta-dream: Update kernel to 3.2.68
    054f1f3 Update HansSettings to dec 14 2015

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