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    by Published on 05-01-19 11:19

    SatDreamGr images update 2018-01-04

    OE Changes:

    $ git log --since="2018-12-24" --pretty=oneline
    124c17a9f72a46961a0be274900ddcee308ead1e devicemanager: update to dima73 version
    b95775010f411736d0340da3ba4b17affab9dc15 update edision submodule
    7c9a77af10f9ebe54fc4ff1ad04f4332162117b2 rt8812au: add 4.20 kernel support
    d795a426ada9ffcf2b26cadc87d70b1d074927df tsduck: update licsum after year change
    c278560481fc651df90637f285c512a616ff001d update edision submodule
    70168d7b414b173eadb086c64bdb4c98275b730c Update enigma2-plugin-extensions-backupsuite.bb
    956a55c05a2f1a251fdc7e8476e22ac80bbd1d26 Update dvbsnoop.bb
    107820f50ca35af78869b94ffbff0e4ba8a1efc9 omb: fix multilib install
    5a81b678da19021276fd36ebad573f71f8b755cd enigma2-skins: remove schwerkraft skins
    7ab7f100dbe58e47fbf7d03140b031972298eb4f sf4008: update rc patch
    19e40189cdef848a1410e54b1f26f412950f6522 rtl8192eu: replace ${base_libdir} with ${nonarch_base_libdir} to fix multilib install
    ab2510f93f8a27383c4695947a88e520295f15f1 update octagon submodule
    8fa410af8b6674984b7cc7738bd4f150cd3daf71 update meta-vuplus submodule
    Enigma2 Changes:

    $ git log --since="2018-12-24" --pretty=oneline
    ba88c2cd45d9af4ee8d58674e1e3c80597275396 FallbackTuner: Only calculate Autharization headers once
    9ea5c405e5a0e03030c40beb78a38fa76c34537b AutoInstall: Add progress percentage in status header
    9a75a1450d5d6a1b1062151b29084fba77304768 SetupFallbackTuner: fix some incorrect English tekst.
    71686aeb9d09285de3ebea6a5fc15e6824bd7d03 FallbackTuner: Add userid, password and port config to access OWIF
    d176a441ccfe52fc32192acdb500bbd8f2c0a9f2 Flashimage: Avoid GSOD when media (e.g. USB stick) is corrupted
    08c429ab1c2e0cd7ab3d3b0c40ee3ee41077c123 estring: add missing regex header from c915c9e
    6085986fa4412bb5398e08781ecac123ff367761 estring: fix issues introduced on c915c9e
    c915c9ea81a10c1c7c2a21a9c9828ebfd1f3ca4a Merge branch 'rc' into 'develop'
    8f0eefbe12918c4d06a4ff90b36b6a3f1b60d00c estring: remove const reference from strip_non_graph
    e867715f1582308cbc7de0a139ff213d968c3623 scan: use strip_non_graph on channel and provider name
    86766cfcd3389471e162b30d209d572d81c73560 estring: add new function strip_non_graph
    713c2858a8de4ad8d31cb9e90adf42c5af0f79d4 scan: remove CRLF from channel and provider name
    22562cdbd7518486c2546bef01b3a4dee23f29e1 E4HD - skin_display - cosmetic
    7536b4447db05ef7c670409cfd05c5fb57099214 E4HD - skin_display - some cosmetic
    04d893f225c431154c6beff68233a2e28ce7a172 E4HD - skin_display - added stream and hdd 24px symbols
    5f7a8df82c83518487c5d54b44e0367e9e3b9968 pvrparse: better handle UNKNOWN codec in setPid
    bba75da1a7feb53bf04a208645e17b0135dd9da0 pvrparse: add missing colon from previous commit
    9d645be4f457cc0b84c65cd219f35544af33b50f pvrparse: check all values from video enumeration
    0269eb808ced26425722b3f9754dd38b31480d8f decoder: add UNKNOWN codec to eDVBVideo
    65933b1fb6817219bf582e66a213497fa0cb249e pvrparse: use video enumeration from eDVBVideo class
    4f8a8a0ab5952e2ded30d2cb0ce9788602038e16 Norwegian Bokmål translation, 2018.12.31 by Andy1
    ed2f106189f6a895d3d1c574299142bd3505452e Timer - removed empty function
    0449d4ad735faa63f0ed5fe73a19ae6ef86777cb libopen: remove hardcoded patch to libc
    e6a9fbd6b515ef03a998cce74b05c4757ce495cb Timer - instead using hassatr define dummy function
    ad2c6d51192565e18ecd5566a6a6543c3310bc7b Timer - fixed save timer.xml for cleanup - save file from true instance only
    bdbb9d6def194dde886dee43919ebe827a7b2fd6 Timer - save timer.xml after cleanup too.
    76c3e92ca7c97d7bb373c569d969d151deb910d8 LT-2018-12-27
    aa5371efcfa0a7f984d94d1680018c84c71b0cc8 update cs.po
    00082362b15ddd499ad4042b481c2b0495062b6a all po files updated from develop at 2018-12-27 17:58
    39e5a374dc68f918b1ec6af16c5dea58c513c869 Merge branch 'rc' into 'develop'
    765e2f0df82bcbe07a85aef0a9f0cb4381138e19 Revert "NimManager - canConnectTo - do not return duplicates"
    25c9957147ce4ec040a5d7723502e2c7973dd794 NimManager - canConnectTo - do not return duplicates
    7e509d79cd6aff7bfc683bb24237d6a6cad7884b NimManager - canConnectTo - do not return duplicates
    0014d1f5a677a7c1725a3cfedf6d4e4ba6b4ddf1 [TempatedMultiContent.py] Add missing MultiContentEntryProgressPixmap import
    72d56cc26fa52969ad9a51c19f40fe4a06cdb770 Add DRA/HEVC channel support
    8fd355e884f33a8988b87134d032bf12a140e61c TimerEdit: show stop on red button for runing timers
    ab3bbbd1ef886802b5e03250e0cba2f8c07b80d4 Update Latvian translation
    0399f82abef41cdd3c3dd9ddbef0fd90d7a61060 osmio4k: update positions
    84ed33be8a232a6e28a3c00eafb4f156edefd4ab Add updateallpo-multiOS.sh script to be able to generate the updated po (and mo) files on different OS:     - Windows     - Mac OSX     - Linux
    50188e648709cc79e34100819007667cbdbd0508 Add updateallpo-multiOS.sh script to be able to generate the updated po (and mo) files on different OS: - Windows - Mac OSX - Linux
    861cc1609e25c7711ae22d3c15a85e7f2f29abe0 CurrentService: consider event Gamma

    Upgrade from enigma2 menu->setup->software managment->online update


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